6225R 60Hp SynchroMesh ROPS Tractor

Synchro transmission for on-the-go shifting, Industrial A-Series turbocharged Diesel engine, and Industry leading 56° turning circle.

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The eco-friendly engine is Branson designed and built. It is fully Tier 4 certified, with a high torque, low RPM, fuel-efficient design. Our “long stroke” design produces maximum torque at a lower operating speed than many of our competitors. The 6225R transmission provides 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. 2 speed Independent PTO as standard.

  • 4 cylinder diesel engine delivers the highest power in class with outstanding durability and reliability.
  • Powered by eco friendly, 4 cylinder genuine Branson diesel engine for longer life and improved heat dissipation.
  • SynchroMesh transmission, with 12 forward, and 12 reverse gears for on-the-go shifting.
  • 4WD as standard with easy shift lever.
  • The Category l hitch has a lift capacity of 1,500kg at the ball end and 1,100kg measured 610mm behind the ball.
  • Dual hydraulic pumps: independent power for steering and hydraulic attachments.
  • 2 speed independent PTO as standard equipment. Electric Hydraulic. Independent or Clutch linked.
Series 25R Open Station series (Mid / Rear ROPS)
Trade Names 6225R
Engine HP (kW) @ Rated RPM 60Hp (44.1kW) @2600rpm
PTO HP (kW) @ Rated RPM 54Hp (40.3kW) @2600rpm
Drive System 4 Wheel Drive
Max.Forward Speed (Km/h @RPM) 33.2km/h @2850rpm
Min.Forward Speed (Km/h @RPM) 1.8km/h @2850rpm
Type 4 CYL, Water Cooled, Diesel
Maker Branson A2300T1
Engine HP (kW) @ Rated RPM 60Hp (44.1kW) @2600rpm
Displacement (cc) 2286cc
Rated Revolution (RPM) 2600rpm
Aspiration Turbocharged
Combustion System Swirl Chamber
Ground Level Fuel Tank (L) 45L
Emissions STAGE III A
Air Cleaner Dry, Element
Main Shift SynchroMesh
Reverse Method SynchroShuttle
No. of Traveling Speeds 12 Front / 12 Reverse
On-the-Go Shifting (Yes/ No/ Partial) Min: Yes / Range: No
Clutch Dry Single Plate
Brake Wet, Multidisc
Rear PTO Control Independent
PTO (RPM) Rear PTO: 584rpm / 1088rpm
(CW, 6 Spline shaft) Front PTO: Attachable
Main (lpm) 42 L/min
Steering (lpm) 19 L/min
Hitch Category CAT I
Hitch Lift Capacity on Ball Ends (kg) 1500kg
Hitch Lift Capacity
Measured 24” (610mm) Behind Ball Ends (kg)
Control Type Draft / Position
Remote Control Valve (Mid / Rear) Optional Mid: 4 / Rear: 4 
Category Power Assisted Hydrostatic
Turning Degree (°) 56°
Adjustment 3-Stage Tilt
Generator 12V / 50Ah 
Agricultural Front 9.5 - 16
Agricultural Rear 13.6 - 26
Turf Front -
Turf Rear -
Industrial Front 10 - 16.5
Industrial Rear 17.5L x 24
Wheelbase (mm) 1806mm
Overall Length (Front weight - 3PL) (mm) 3511mm (With Front Weight)
Overall Width (mm) 1650mm
Overall Height (mm) 2500mm
Ground Clearance (mm) 399mm
Weight (kg) 1742kg (With Front Weight)
Standard Equipment
Foldable ROPS, Slidable Suspension Seat, Long lasting Powder Coated Metal Tilting Hood & Rear Fender, Rear Differential Lock, Aluminum Radiator, Side Parking Brake, Emergency Lamps, Rear PTO Guard, Work Light, Adjustable Rear View Mirrors, Audible Horn.
Front Weight (17kg x 6)
  • Turf Tire

    Turf Tire

    A wide, lower surface pressure tire, for minimal damage to turf and grass surfaces.

  • Industrial Tire

    Industrial Tire

    A wider profile tire option for greater floatation, balanced with good traction.

  • Agricultural Tire

    Agricultural Tire

    Deep cleats and narrower profile ensure excellent traction on the farm and off road surfaces.

  • 4-in-1 Loader

    4-in-1 Loader

    Scoop, load, dig, or carry. The 4-in-one Branson loader bucket is your go-to accessory for tractor.

  • Back Hoe

    Back Hoe

    Small Backhoe, Big Productivity. The Branson Backhoe offers superior digging, trenching, back-filling and material handling capability. Deployable stabiliser legs ensure safe, stable operation. Intelligent attachment design allows rapid install and removal.

  • Pallet Forks

    Pallet Forks

    Move palletized items easily with the optional pallet forks. Easy connect/disconnect.